Tuesday, January 20, 2009

MM the Ecumenical Leader

With Pope Paul VI at WCC, Geneva, 1969

WCC Officers receive Pope Paul VI at the Ecumenical Centre, Geneva 1969

Ecumenical Prayer at the Ecumenical Centre, Geneva, when Pope Paul VI visited WCC (MM stands third from extreme right)
WCC Executive Committee, Sofia, 1971. From Lefet to rigt: Jenes Thomsen, E.C. Blake, MM Thomas, Pauline Webb, Kiyo Takeda-Cho, Ernest Payne, Janet Wosenga, Richard von Weizsacker, Visser't Hooft

Dr MM Thomas with Bishops Mar Chrysostom, Nasir and Nikodim, Upsala 1968
WCC Presidents and Officers at Upsala 1968: From Left to Right: John Coventry Smith, D.T. Niles, Visser't Hooft, E.C. Blake, M.M. Thomas, Pauline Webb, Patriarch German, Bishop Zulu and Ernest Payne

Dr M.M. Thomas was the moderator of the WCC central Committee from 1968 to 1975.

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